Commissioned Work​

Commercial Illustration Work


Priory Meadow Shopping Centre Map Illustrations, March and December 2019.

In 2019 I was commissioned by Priory Meadow to create a digitally illustrated map of their shopping centre in Hastings to be used as promotional flyers. I drew the map using Adobe Photoshop.


Later in 2019 Priory Meadow commissioned me to create a Christmas themed map to use at their Christmas launch event. Both maps were also used to promote the events on Priory Meadows Instagram.


Work experience, Summer 2018


Quiet Down There

In 2018 I spent the summer doing work experience with Quiet Down There and was then offered paid work to photograph and document the project on their social media. Shopkeepers of the World was a project which celebrates the culture of shopping in charity shops, exploring and documenting the memories of the people who worked in them, shopped in them and the places themselves. I helped at events run at the Jerwood Gallery, Hastings (Now known as Hastings Contemporary) and The De La Warr Pavillion, Bexhill. I also took part in an Oral History training session, learning how to interview and record people for the project. 



For more information on the project:

A digital version of the Shopkeepers of the World zine, which I illustrated the internal illustrations:

I was asked by QDT to write a blog post about my involvement with the project, this was published online by the De La Warr Pavillion:

My photographs documenting the project were published online in an article by Hastings Online Times:

Screenshots from Quiet Down Theres Instagram stories. 


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